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White fused alumina

White fused alumina is suitable as iron-free medium and used for applications in the abrasive and refractory industry and as a jet-material in the aluminium-, optical and dental industry. Because of its transparency and its scratch resistance, white fused aluminium is also used in resins and coatings in the laquer and laminate industry.

Range of applications

Abrasive grinding | lapping and polishing| sandblasting systems | UV-colours and lacquers | addition for brake pads | melamin resin applications |  

Typical chemical analysis

Al2O3:  99.78%
Na2O:  0.2%
Fe2O3:  0.035%
CaO:  0.01%

Technical data

Colour:   white
Density:                    3.9g/cm3
Hardness:  Mohs 9
Grain shape:   Sharp-edged/cubic
Melting point:  c. 2040 °C

Silan treatment

For the improvement of scratch resistance and transparency in surfaces.